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Misdemeanors that will prohibit you from obtaining a CPL

You must not have been convicted of one of the following misdemeanors in the 8 years immediately preceding the date of application:

  • Operating under the influence, MCL 257.625
  • Refusal of commercial vehicle operator to submit to a chemical test, MCL 257.625a
  • Ignition interlock device reporting violation, MCL 257.625k
  • Circumventing an ignition interlocking device, MCL 257.625l
  • Operating a commercial vehicle with alcohol content, MCL 257.625m(3)
  • Operating an aircraft under the influence, MCL 259.185
  • Operating an ORV under the influence, MCL 324.81134
  • Operating an ORV while visibly impaired, MCL 324.81135
  • Operating a snowmobile under the influence, MCL 324.82127
  • Controlled substances, MCL 333.7401 to 333.7461
  • Operating a locomotive under the influence, MCL 462.353(3)
  • Disorderly person, MCL 750.167
  • Embezzlement, MCL 750.174
  • False pretenses with intent to defraud, MCL 750.218
  • Larceny, MCL 750.356
  • Second-degree retail fraud, MCL 750.356d
  • Larceny, vacant building, MCL 750.359
  • Larceny, by conversion, MCL 750.362
  • Larceny, defrauding lessor, MCL 750.362a
  • Malicious destruction of property, MCL 750.377a
  • Malicious destruction of real property, MCL 750.380
  • Receiving stolen property, MCL 750.535
  • Malicious use of telephones, MCL 750.540e

Note: The applicant must not have violated a law of the United States, another state, or a local unit of government of this state or another state substantially corresponding to a violation described above.