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Michigan Driver's License Restoration 

What is a Revoked License?

In Michigan, a person’s driving privileges can be revoked if they are convicted of

multiple drunk driving offenses  or certain other crimes involving drugs or automobiles.

However, not all repeat offenders will have their licenses revoked.   Revocations are

based on the number of offenses within a certain time period. 

A revoked license, means your license is completely gone.  This is different from a

suspended license, as a suspension is the loss of driving privileges for a certain period

of time and upon expiration of that time period your driving privileges are automatically

reinstated.  A revoked license does not automatically get reinstated.  The Secretary of

State may reinstate your driving privileges only after you request a hearing and convince the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) that you meet the requirements to have your driving privileges reinstated.  For example: 

  • If you have two drunk driving convictions within seven years then your license is revoked for life but you may request a DAAD license restoration hearing after one year;

  • If you have three drunk driving convictions within ten years then your license is revoked for life but you may request a DAAD license restoration hearing after either one year or five years.

  • If your driving record includes a prior revocation within the prior 7 years, then you are subject to a hard five year revocation, meaning you must wait five years before requesting your DAAD license restoration hearing.

Bommarito Law will review your driving record and determine when you are next eligible to request a hearing to restore your driving privileges.

How Long is the Restoration Process?

Before a restoration hearing can be scheduled, you must file a request with the Secretary of State’s Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD).  Bommarito Law will assist you in requesting a hearing and submitting the complete and correct paperwork to support your case. Oftentimes it can take a few weeks to gather the required documents, including reference letters from friends and family, and undergoing a substance use evaluation.   Once the documentation is complete and reviewed by your attorney, the documentation will be submitted to DAAD with a request for a hearing.  DAAD will then schedule a hearing, which will likely take 6-8 weeks.  Therefore, it is important to speak with an attorney at Bommarito Law to start the process early.  

Do I Need a Lawyer?
Yes, it is never a good idea to attend a hearing alone!  Remember, the hearing officers at the DAAD will be looking for a reason to deny you--incomplete paperwork or inconsistent testimony will lead the hearing officer straight to a denial. The only way to do effectively prove your case to the hearing officers is proper preparation. Bommarito Law will assist you in presenting your case so that the hearing officer won't find a reason to deny you. The attorney will prepare you for your hearing by conducting a practice hearing, and ensuring your paperwork is consistent and complete. Contact Bommarito Law today to discuss your driver’s license restoration case and why a lawyer will help you win your license back.